Cook cum Helper

Cook cum Helper details of Dibrugarh District under Mid Day Meal Scheme

 In Dibrugarh District ,around 4000 cook cum helpers are engaged under Mid Day Meal Scheme.  The Cook cum helpers are appointed by the concerned School Management Committees .The number of  Cook cum Helper is appointed on the basis of enrollment in the school .

The norms of engagement of CcH are as follows:
a)      Up to 25 no. of student                            -           1 no.
b)     Up to 100 no. of student                           -           2 nos.
c)  In addition to above for each additional 100 no. of students 1 ( One ) no. of additional Cook cum Helper may be appointed.

       A Cook cum Helpers is paid @ Rs. 1000/- per month for 10 months in a year, as honorarium for cooking,washing utensils and serving Mid Day Meal in schools.The honorarium of CcH is directly transferred to their respective Bank Accounts on a monthly basis from the State Mission Office,MDMS,Assam.

The Month-wise list of Cook cum helper with Bank account details,where honorarium has been released can be downloaded from the following links.

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